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Blog with R.T. Night

Hi everyone, it's R.T.

Thanks to all of you who came to my kickoff event yesterday
and who sent me emails. I put a copy of my speech up on the site and would like your take.

I like campaigning because I can lay out my thoughts for the next term. But the campaign is also a good time to talk over new issues. Anything you think I should talking about?

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2) Click sign up here on the right hand side. Fill in all the info, then click on the arrow on the bottom right.
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4) Go ahead and post.

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Thanks for coming by, I'm really excited to dialogue with you about the future of our great City of Minneapolis and my campaign for a second term!
This blog is a powerful way for my supporters to organize, share ideas and news, and stay in touch with my day-to-day campaign activities. Often, I will post myself, but you will also be hearing from my staff and other supporters like yourself.
Let's win the DFL convention this spring and the general election this fall. We can get so much done together with another four years.
Your Mayor,
R.T. Rybak

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