Your Transit Stories Help

Thank to so many of you for posting your transit stories....We have been able to use them in our lobbying.  Just a couple days ago there was public testimony at City Hall about bus service cuts....I testified using some of the points you raised and them had all of your comments entered into the record.   We will keep using them so keep sending them.   Thank you!

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Tell Me Your Stories

We need your help to fight proposed radical cuts in the metropolitan bus system.  Rep. Frank Hornstein and I, and many other legislators are lobbying against the cuts at the State Capitol and we need stories of why buses are important.   Tell us how the bus played a role in your life.  Can you find other people in other parts of the region who have their own stories.  Does it effect your business? Post the stories here, and Rep. Hornstein and I will get them to the legislators who are making this decision.   The proposed cuts are moving fast so please help us find these stories quickly:

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